Linking to a Brighter and Smarter Life

Linkind, a brand of AiDot, is passionate about lighting your spaces in intelligent and meaningful ways, all while adopting the dedication to innovation and eco-conscious design instilled by its parent company, and overall ecosystem, AiDot. These tenants have guided Linkind from the start and are why they are now able to proudly offer solutions to match any and all residential scenes, such as smart solar-powered solutions that light the path to your home, TV backlighting that takes movie night to the next level, and easy-to-use everyday lighting with unmatched levels of user convenience. Linkind is lighting the way to a brighter tomorrow.

Linkind Products Line-Up: solar outdoor spotlight; solar wall light; solar floodlight.

Guard You always
Independence, Excellence, Friendliness

Winees provide professional cameras guard consumers' lives, becoming another eye to help with less hassle. Focus on better security, winees offer professional outdoor lighting integrated with smarter security intelligence. Based on high quality design and advantage Technology, Winees provide consumers with the ability to guards their homes and families

Winees Products Line-Up: Floodlight Camera, Solar Camera, Security Camera, Security Sensor.

Illuminate for a Better Life
Simple; Smart; Reliable

OREiN aimed to create an entire home lighting solution that gives you a convenient, healthy, and multiple lifestyles, also a smart lighting system with a range of healthy lights, controllers, and accessories.

OREiN Products Line-Up: smart lighting, decorative lighting, leisure lighting, etc.

Empowering Every Yard

As a top brand of outdoor power tools, POWER is in our DNA. We are one of the few brands that can cover all the outdoor power tool product lineups and have the ability to produce heavy-duty power equipment. Enhulk provides the most comprehensive solutions that enhance productivity, maximize compatibility, and ultimately translate into substantial savings.

Enhulk Products Line-Up: Leaf Blower, Hedge Trimmers, Pole Saws, Paint Sprayer and other Outdoor power tools

Better Care, Pure Love

At WELOV, we redefine premium air quality for modern families with air purification and humidification, empowered by AiDot's unmatched efficiency in air care, setting new industry standards. The unique aspect of our Intelligent Home is its seamless integration across all IoT ecosystems, including our AiDot system and the Matter ecosystem. This offers unmatched connectivity, unparalleled customization, and remarkable versatility, where sophistication blends with smart living, elevating air quality to new heights.

WELOV Products Line-Up: Air purifiers, Humidifiers, and Health care product.

Make Profession Easy
Empower imagination through continuous innovation of technology

For any scene, DIY with GoGonova is absolutely an innovative experience for different items. Its multiple DIY tools and solutions are the best backup for your imagination which can be put into a garden, indoor area, or public field.

GoGonova Products Line-Up: power tool, battery, charger for DIY work, etc.